About Us

Production, transport and services company "NANSI" d.o.o. Žepče was founded on April, 1992. The head office of the company is seated in Žepče, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the Prva ulica 64 address. The production management is seated in Donja Golubinja, Zepce municipality, on the Zenica-Doboj M-17 highway.

The privately funded company was founded as a limited partnership. Today, this company is among top wood production companies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the past few years, we have enlarged our production capacity through out the investments in equipping our workshops with with specialist machinery and professional tools. Our goal is to provide a product of high quality, expediency and beauty, made only of the best types of wood, and thus ensure that our costumers are always completely satisfied.

"Nansi" is a company engaged in primary and secondary wood processing, in making primary and semifinished products and in placing their products on the market. The production is organised in three departments on an area of around 20.000 m2, with more than 50 qualified employees. We owe vehicle fleet, wood dryers, special industrial halls and covered storage units. The main emphasis is on the quality of our products and services, thus we use only high quality wood which is constantly monitored and checked during the process of treatment and production. The final wood products are once again tested before offered to clients.

Being highly aware of the importance of the environmental and health protection, we use only the best quality wood from Bosnia and Herzegovina. We cooperate only with the companies that possess certificates that prove their work is in accordance with ecological, social and economical norms.

Wood raw material:
-Beech wood ........................ 60%
- Abies, spuca ..................... 30%
- Oak, ash, maple.................. 10%
Aware of the great responsibility towards the wood as an important and valuable natural resource, we carefully plan our manufacturing process . The amount of the industrial waste materials is lowered to the minimum, and the wood protection agents that we use meet all of the ecological and quality standards.


"Nansi" is successfully established abroad, which has been proved by the constant continuing export in the amount of 90% of the total production. We export our products to the markets of Italy, Great Britain, Portugal, Spain, Malaysia, Egypt, Germany, Austria, Serbia, Croatia and Monte Negro.

Certificates – Quality management

With the aim of the constant improvement of our products and services, as much as the protection of the environment, our Integrated Management System is aligned with the international standard ISO 9001:2008.

Vision, mission and the corporate policy


We are becoming one of the regional leaders in the wood industry thanks to the good company organisation, constant monitoring and modern technology development. Our vision is that every single employee is aware of his importance in producing a quality product, and in the same time aware of his contribution in the envioronmental protection.


Our mission is to offer a high quality product we guarantee fulfils requirements of a modern society and modern design. We manufacture our products with the minimun impact on the environment.

Quality and environment management system

Our objectives are:
a) satisfied clients with fulfilled demands and expectations
b) controlled minimum environmental impact
c) competent and content employees
d) mutually beneficial relation with the provider
e) recognized quality of product and service
f) continuos production improvement
g) social responsibility

Those objectives are accomplished by implementation of the following principles:
In a competitive marketplace, we responsibly meet the expectations of our clients. The constant satisfaction of our clients is obtained by the fast delivery of the high quality products made only of the best raw materials from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our work is coordinated with the latest law regulations on both quality and environmental aspects.

All of our actions on manufacturing the products are carefully planned in order to lower the risk of potential environmental impact and shipment of defective products.

Our menagement is involved in creating quality and environment governance system.

We train and involve our employees in order to promote team work and to enhance the efficiency and productivity, and also to raise the awareness on the environmental issues.

Our team is constantly seeking for new methods of improving the efficiency of our business system. Quality and environmental policies of our company are available to public and well known to all of our employees.